Unity в действии. Мультиплатформенная разработка на C#

Скачать Unity в действии. Мультиплатформенная разработка на C# Автор:

Джозеф Хокинг

Год издания: 2016
Страниц: 336
Язык: русский
Unity зачастую представляют как набор компонентов, не требующих программирования, что в корне неверно. Для создания успешной игры необходимо многое: великолепная работа художника, программистские навыки, интересная история, увлекательный геймплей и дружная и слаженная работа команды разработчиков. А еще нельзя забывать про безупречную визуализацию и качественную работу на всех платформах - от игровых консолей до мобильных телефонов. Unity объединяет мощный движок, возможности профессионального программирования и творчества дизайнеров, позволяя воплотить в жизнь самые невероятные и амбициозные проекты.
Осваивайте Unity и быстрее приступайте к созданию собственных игр!

Unity UI Cookbook: Over 60 recipes to help you create professional and exquisite UIs to make your games more immersive

Скачать Unity UI Cookbook: Over 60 recipes to help you create professional and exquisite UIs to make your games more immersive Автор:

Francesco Sapio

Год издания: 2015
Страниц: 284
Язык: русский
With the increasing interest in game development, it’s essential to design and implement a UI that reflects the game settings and shows the right information to the player. The Unity system is used to create complex and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces in order to give a professional look and feel to a game. Although the new Unity UI system is powerful and quite easy to use, by integrating it with C# scripts, it’s possible to realize the potential of this system and bring an impressive UI to games.
This guide is an invaluable collection of recipes if you are planning to use Unity to develop a game. Starting with the basic concepts of the UI components, we’ll take you all the way through to creating complex interfaces by including animations and dynamics elements.
Based on real-world problems, these recipes will start by showing you how to make common UI elements such as counters and healthbars. You will then get a walkthrough of how to manage time using timers, and will learn how to format them. You will move on to decorating and animating the UI elements to vivify them and give them a professional touch. Furthermore, you will be guided into the 3D UI world and into HUD scripting. Finally, you will discover how to implement complex minimaps in the interface.

Unity Animation Essentials

Скачать Unity Animation Essentials Автор:

Alan Thorn

Год издания: 2015
Страниц: 175
Язык: английский
If you've not really explored Unity's animation features and need both a quick-start and an in-depth companion, then this book is for you. This book is targeted at hobbyists, students, and game development professionals familiar with the Unity basics, looking to extend their skills and knowledge in the field of real-time game animation. You will need to be familiar with level design and basic scripting in C# and have a good knowledge of game development.

Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development: From Concept to Playable Game with Unity and C#

Скачать Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development: From Concept to Playable Game with Unity and C# Автор:

Jeremy Gibson

Год издания: 2014
Страниц: 944
Язык: английский
Формат : MOBI
Learn Game Design, Prototyping, and Programming with Today’s Leading Tools: Unity™ and C#
Award-winning game designer and professor Jeremy Gibson has spent the last decade teaching game design and working as an independent game developer. Over the years, his most successful students have always been those who effectively combined game design theory, concrete rapid-prototyping practices, and programming skills.

Unity 2D Game Development

Скачать Unity 2D Game Development Автор:

Dave Calabrese

Год издания: 2014
Страниц: 126
Язык: английский
Prepare yourself to travel back to the 90s and build a game like they used to make, using today's technology. That's right; we're talking about making 2D games using Unity! This book will help you build 2D games in Unity using the engine's 2D technologies added in Version 4.3. You'll learn the basics of importing assets and building foundation technology all the way up to full combat and boss battles! With the book's straightforward and practical approach, each chapter takes you a step closer to the final game. We will wrap things up by looking into the basic aspects of the game's UI.

Введение в создание игр с помощью Unity3D

Скачать Введение в создание игр с помощью Unity3D Год издания: 2014
Страниц: 60 мин
Язык: русский
Unity3D - это кросплатформенный игровой движок для разработки приложений и игр для операционных систем Windows, Mac OS, Android, Apple iOS, а также игровых консолей и других гаджетов - Wii, Sony PlayStation 3, XBox 360 и iPhone.
Существует возможность создавать интернет-приложения посредством использования модуля, подключаемого к браузеру Unity3D. Все приложения, созданные с помощью Unity обладают поддержкой DirectX и OpenGL. Для обработки физики использует движок от nVidia Ageia PhysX.

Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity

Скачать Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity Автор:

Chris Totten

Год издания: 2012
Страниц: 322
Язык: английский
A complete guide to creating usable, realistic game characters with two powerful tools.
Creating viable game characters requires a combination of skills. This book teaches game creators how to create usable, realistic game assets using the power of an open-source 3D application and a free game engine.

Unity iOS Game Development Beginners Guide

Скачать Unity iOS Game Development Beginners Guide Автор:

Gregory Pierce

Год издания: 2012
Страниц: 314
Язык: английский
Develop iOS games from concept to cash flow using Unity.
Dive straight into game development with no previous Unity or iOS experience
Work through the entire lifecycle of developing games for iOS
Add multiplayer, input controls, debugging, in app and micro payments to your game
Implement the different business models that will enable you to make money on iOS games

2D Game Building for Teens

Скачать 2D Game Building for Teens Автор:

Michael Duggan

Год издания: 2009
Страниц: 320
Язык: английский
Bring your video game ideas to life with 2D Game Building for Teens! Written for anyone with an interest in creating video games, this book will show you how to use the Torque Game Builder, a simple drag-and-drop game engine, to make your very own games to play and share. Following easy-to- understand techniques and directions, you’ll work your way through hands-on tutorials that help you put your new skills to use right away as you build simple to more complex games. Everything you need to build your own 2D game can be found in the book, including an introduction to the Torque Game Builder, how to design game graphics, basic programming and scripting techniques, and more. You’ll even find an overview of the game development industry to give you an inside look at what it takes to make games, and information on the history of classic 2D games. If you’ve ever wanted to create your own video games, 2D Game Building for Teens will show you how.