English made easy: Learning English through pictures

Скачать English made easy: Learning English through pictures бесплатно Автор:

Crichton, Koster

Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 391
Язык: английский
English Made Easy is a breakthrough in English language learning - imaginatively exploiting how pictures and text can work together to create understanding and help learners learn more productively. It gives beginner English learners easy access to the vocabulary, grammar and functions of English as it is actually used in a comprehensive range of social situations. Self–guided students and classroom learners alike will be delighted by the way they are helped to progress easily from one unit to the next, using a combination of pictures and text to discover for themselves how English works. The pictorial method used in this book is based on a thorough understanding of language structure and how language is successfully learned. The authors are experienced English language teachers with strong backgrounds in language analysis and language learning.
English Made Easy, Volume 1 consists of a total of 20 units arranged in groups of five. The first four units presents language and provide learners the opportunities to practice as they learn. The first page of each unit has a list of all the words and phrases to be learned in that unit, together with pronunciation guide. At the end of each unit, an interesting story which uses the language that has just been learned is presented. The fifth unit in each group contains exercises designed to reinforce the language learned in the first four units.
Using this book
What’s your name?
That’d be great!
 I’d like you to meet my accountant
It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?
Revision and extension
Would you like something to drink?
He’s a tour guide
I’m going to New York
This one is better
Revision and extension
What’s the matter?
I live in the big house
How much is this purse?
It’s the second street on the left
Revision and extension
She bought a cake
They’re working in the garden
What’s the time?
You’re not allowed to park here
Revision and extension

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