An Advanced English Practice Course

Скачать An Advanced English Practice Course бесплатно Автор:

James Day

Год издания: 1977
Страниц: 238
Язык: английский
This course has three aims. The students using it will probably have done anything up to six years' fairly intensive study of English at school and possibly at university. There are, however, certain mistakes which even advanced students make again and again. These mistakes vary from nationality to nationality, and largely depend on the mother tongue of the students.
The first aim of the course is remedial. It tries to demonstrate how native English writers use certain tricky structures that overseas students sometimes mismanage, and then gives them practice in the correct use of those structures.
The second aim is to improve the students' powers of self-expression by expanding their vocabulary and repertoire of structures.
The third is to stimulate them, through reading and discussion of sometimes provocative material, to think about and criticise both the form and the content of the passages that have been chosen to illustrate the structures practised.

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