A Modern English Course for Foreign Students

Скачать A Modern English Course for Foreign Students бесплатно Автор:


Год издания: 1951
Страниц: 258
Язык: английский
It is hoped that this present volume will help towards supplying that want. The student who knows no English at all can make a beginning with this book, but those students who have already a slight knowledge of English can telescope the first ten lessons into two or three and will then find, I think, material that is new to-them. The main emphasis of the book is on conversational English, and for that reason much of the teaching is in the form of question and answer. For that reason, too, a series of conversations is included in which the ordinary affairs of life, housekeeping, football, buying a suit of clothes, tennis, a visit to the doctor, looking for "digs," etc., are given not in "literary" English but exactly in the colloquial language that would be used in informal talk. It is suggested that in these and the short plays the students should take the parts of the various characters, reading or performing them as naturally as possible.

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