ESP8266 Home Automation Projects: Leverage the power of this tiny WiFi chip to build exciting smart home projects

Скачать ESP8266 Home Automation Projects: Leverage the power of this tiny WiFi chip to build exciting smart home projects бесплатно Автор:

Catalin Batrinu

Год издания: 2017
Страниц: 196
Язык: английский
Harness the power of the ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip to build an effective Home Automation System

The ESP8266 is a low-cost yet powerful Wi-Fi chip that is becoming more popular at an alarming rate, and people have adopted it to create interesting projects.

With this book, you will learn to create and program home automation projects using the ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip. You will learn how to build a thermostat to measure and adjust the temperature accordingly and how to build a security system using the ESP8266. Furthermore, you will design a complete home automation system from sensor to your own cloud. You will touch base on data monitoring, controlling appliances, and security aspects.

By the end of the book, you will understand how to completely control and monitor your home from the cloud and from a mobile application. You will be familiar with the capabilities of the ESP8266 and will have successfully designed a complete ready-to-sell home automated system.

What you will learn
 Get, compile, install, and configure an MQTT server
 Use the Wi-Fi connectivity feature to control appliances remotely
 Control several home appliances using the ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip
 Control and monitor your home from the cloud using ESP8266 modules
 Stream real-time data from the ESP8266 to a server over WebSockets
 Create an Android mobile application for your project

 Learn about the various ESP8266 modules
 Configuring the ESP8266 and making interesting home automation projects
 A step-by-step guide on the ESP8266 chip and how to convert your home into a smart home.

 About the Author
 Catalin Batrinu graduated from the Politehnica University of Bucharest in Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technology. He has been working as a software developer in telecommunications for the past 16 years. He has worked with old protocols and the latest network protocols and technologies, so he has experienced all transformations in the telecommunication industry. He has implemented many telecommunications protocols, from access adaptations and backbone switches to high-capacity, carrier-grade switches on various hardware platforms from Wintegra and Broadcom.

 Internet of Things came as a natural evolution for him and now he collaborates with different companies to construct the world of tomorrow that will make our life more comfortable and secure. Using the ESP8266, he has prototyped devices such as irrigation controllers, smart sockets, window shutters, Digital Addressable Lighting Controls, and environment controls, all of them controlled directly from a mobile application over the cloud. An MQTT broker with bridging and a WebSockets server was even developed for the ESP8266. Soon, all those devices will be part of our daily life, so we will all enjoy their functionality.

 Table of Contents
 Getting started with the ESP8266
 Build and configure your own MQTT server
 Building a home thermostat with the ESP8266
 Control appliances from the ESP8266
 Use the ESP8266 to build a security system
 Securing your data
 Real-time Communication
 Adding a Mobile Application to Your Smart Home

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