Practical Game Design

Скачать Practical Game Design бесплатно Автор:

Adam Kramarzewski, Ennio De Nucci

Год издания: 2018
Страниц: 476
Язык: английский
Создавайте творческие и доступные игры по жанрам, платформам и реалиям развития. Погрузитесь в основы игрового дизайна. Вы хотите взять на себя креативное лидерство и ускорить разработку игр? Тогда вы пришли в нужное место. Эта книга написана двумя высокопрофессиональными специалистами отрасли, чтобы дать реальную информацию и ценные советы по созданию игр для этого прибыльного рынка.

Design creative and accessible games across genres, platforms, and development realities.

Immerse yourself in the fundamentals of game design. Are you are looking to take the creative lead and make better game designs faster? Then you have come to the right place. This book is written by two highly experienced industry professionals to give real insights and valuable advice on creating games for this lucrative market.

The book builds up the basics of game design one simple piece at a time. Starting with learning how to conceptualize a game idea and present it to other people, you gradually move onto devising a design work plan for the whole project and adapt solutions from other games. You will learn to create original game mechanics without relying on existing reference material and test and eliminate anticipated design risks. You will then design elements that make up the playthrough length of a game, make the game mechanics, content and interface accessible to all players, and ensure all the gameplay mechanics and game content work as intended. Finally, you will learn to wrap up a game ahead of release, work through the different challenges of designing free to play games, improve its quality indefinitely.

What you will learn
 Define the production boundaries of a project
 Conceptualize a game idea and present it to other people
 Engineer gameplay systems and communicate them clearly and thoroughly
 Build game mechanics off games that already exist
 Distill an original idea into workable system design
 Build spatial canvas of a game
 Wrap up a game ahead of release and improve its quality indefinitely
Key Features
 Design interactive characters that fill up the game world, both allies and enemies
 Apply your learnings with exercises that will stimulate your creativity and get familiar with the game design process
 Understand the skills and techniques required for a game designer to work in a professional studio

Who This Book Is For
 Whether you are a student just approaching the discipline or junior game designer looking for your first role as a professional, this book is going to equip you with the fundamental knowledge to succeed in your career. By focusing on best practices and a practical approach, the book provides a useful insight into the arts and crafts of two senior game designers that would interest more seasoned professionals in the game industry.

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