Raspberry Pi Tips, Tricks & Hacks Volume 2 Revised Edition

Скачать Raspberry Pi Tips, Tricks & Hacks Volume 2 Revised Edition бесплатно Год издания: 2016
Страниц: 164
Язык: английский
The Raspberry Pi has done what everyone thought was impossible: put a customisable computer in your pocket, for the price of a T-shirt. The computer that fits in the palm of your is capable of more than you could ever dream of, and with Raspberry Pi Tips, Tricks & Hacks you will have everything you need to get started with incredible projects. From mastering Python to building a self-driving RC car, you learn it all in this latest volume. Whether you have a Pi Zero or a Pi 3, this book caters to all levels of expertise and budget, and will soon turn you into a Raspberry Pi master.


In this bookazine...

Everything you need to unlock the potential of your Raspberry Pi

25 Maker Projects for Raspberry Pi 3
 – See what options integrated WiFi and Bluetooth have opened up for Pi users

 – Kick-start your own projects with innovative ideas

 – Build amazing Pi-powered gadgets from scratch

 – Discover how you can control robots with your Ras Pi

Also inside...
 – 25 maker project for Raspberry Pi 3
 – Set up your Pi Zero
 – Develop with Python
 – Get the new Pixel desktop
 – Multitasking with your Pi
 – Get alerts with the Raspberry Pi baby monitor
 – Run RiscOS on your Pi
 – Master essential Sense HAT skills
 – Master essential Sense HAT skills II
 – Environmental science with the Sensly HAT
 – Code a simple synthesiser  
 – Networked sensor display with Pimoroni Scroll pHAT
 – Create your own Xbox Zero Arcade
 – Make an interactive, Zero-powered wearable
 – Build a Raspberry Pi Minecraft console
 – Create a Minecraft Minesweeper game
 – Control lights with your Pi
 – Stream internet TV to your Raspberry Pi
 – Underwater Pi drone
 – Anonymise your web traffic with a Pi Tor router
 – Create your own circuit diagrams with Fritzing
 – Make a Pi 2 desktop
– Set up a multi-room sound system
 – 50 ways to hack your Pi
 – 10 awesome Raspberry Pi upgrades
 – Hack a robot with Pi-Mote
 – Self-driving RC car
 – Build a Pi cluster with Docker Swarm
 – Code a Tempest clone in FUZE BASIC
 – Capture photos at night with the NoIR Pi camera
 – Locate your phone with Bluetooth

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