iOS Game Development with Swift 3 and SpriteKit

Скачать iOS Game Development with Swift 3 and SpriteKit бесплатно Автор:

Todd Perkins

Год издания: 2016
Страниц: 2:52
Язык: английский
SpriteKit is an Apple-approved entry point for creating engaging 2D iOS games. It's an animation framework featuring scenes (which function like levels or screens), sprites (2D artwork), and a node tree designed to render out your game as efficiently as possible. Watch this course to learn how to use SpriteKit and Swift, Apple's open-source programming language, to build a complete, full-featured iOS game that you can further customize and make your own. Get a simple introduction to SpriteKit, including adding and modifying sprites, building relationships between parent and child sprites, and building the scenes where your content is housed. Instructor and iOS expert Todd Perkins also reviews physics, collisions, particle systems, and actions to make sprites reactive during gameplay. Plus, learn how to add sound effects, cameras, and lights to make your app ready for distribution, and optimize your game for speed and smoother playback.

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