HTML5 and CSS: Complete, 7th edition

Скачать HTML5 and CSS: Complete, 7th edition бесплатно Автор:

Gary Shelly, Denise Woods

Год издания: 2012
Страниц: 491
Язык: английский
Учебник HTML5 and CSS: Complete, Seventh Edition предназначен для использования в сочетании с другими книгами в вводном курсе по созданию веб-страниц, или как автономный учебник для двухчасового курса или для курса непрерывного образования. Никакого опыта работы в веб-разработке или программировании не требуется.

HTML5 and CSS: Complete, Seventh Edition is intended for use in combination with other books in an introductory course on creating Web  
pages, or as a stand-alone in a two-credit hour course or a continuing education course. No experience with Web page development or computer programming is required. Specific objectives of this book are as follows:
- To teach the fundamentals of developing Web pages using a comprehensive Web development life cycle
- To acquaint students with the HTML5 and CSS (through level 3) languages and creating Web pages suitable for course work, professional purposes, and personal use
- To expose students to common Web page formats and functions
- To promote curiosity and independent exploration of World Wide Web resources
- To develop an exercise-oriented approach that allows students to learn by example
- To encourage independent study and help those who are learning how to create Web pages in a distance education environment

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