VOLO №44 (december), 2016

Скачать VOLO №44 (december), 2016 бесплатно Год издания: 2016
Страниц: 184
Язык: русский
Журнал VOLO, посвящённый искусству фотографии обнаженной натуры - nude art. Его выпуски содержат галереи работ известных фотохудожников из разных стран, сопровождаемые краткими описаниями творческих биографий и кредо фотохудожников и их моделей.
2016 is almost over and this is the last (regular) issue of the magazine for the year... Did you expect snow covered mountains and nude models being tortured on icy slopes? LOL - Well you should know better by now. We are VOLO and we will never do what is expected!
We wanted to end the year with an issue filled with beauty. Beauty of our mother planet combined with the beauty of its most ethereal residents (women of course). So we decided to create our 2016 ‘scapes’ issue and to make sure we could capture women nude in nature without the torture of snow covered slopes we did what was obvious to us... Go where there is Summer in Winter! Enjoy a special section of outdoor nudes shot in Australia just to cap off an incredible year.

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