Digital Photographer Issue 161 - 2015 /UK

Скачать Digital Photographer Issue 161 - 2015 /UK бесплатно Автор:


Год издания: 2015
Страниц: 116
Язык: английский
Digital Photographer is the kitbag essential for enthusiasts and pro photographers looking to refine their skills and bolster their portfolio, created by working photographic professionals. This issue, discover how to capture stunning night-sky images, learn to capture outdoor portraits, and make the most of colour for shots that really pack a punch.

In this issue...

50 professional tricks to master night-sky photography

50 astrophotography tricks
- Expert astrophotographers reveal their top tips for capturing stunning images of the night sky

Capture colours that pop
- Shoot images that pack a punch by making the most of vibrant hues in any scene

Stunning outdoor portraits
- Photographing people in natural light has its challenges, but can result in truly spectacular images

Superzoom lens group test
- Why carry multiple lenses when one will do the job? We pit four popular superzooms against each other to find out which one’s best for you

Also inside...
- Win £500 worth of Manfrotto kit!
- Create stunning light orbs
- Focus on freelensing
- Win a day at Nikon School!
- Maximise dynamic range in Camera Raw
- Master the Perspective Warp tool
- Five steps to launch a successful career
- Start out in wedding photography
- Enrico Fossati explores his love of landscapes
- Portrait photographer Martin Jackson interviewed
- Lytro ILLUM reviewed
- Samsung NX1 put to the test
- Kit focus on 400mm lenses
- The latest lenses, software and accessories rated

Free with this issue...
Unlock plenty of free assets at, including:
- Over 60 minutes of video tuition
- 20 textures
- Photoshop Actions plus an exclusive discount code
- A video workshop on creating Sun prints
- Test shots from our reviews section
- Image screenshots so you can follow the tutorials

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